Newcastle Video Moviemakers

Club Players - Video Format Details

You have a camera that records in high definition, you've done your editing in high definition. Obviously you want to show your video in high def if you enter a club competition!

It should be easy, but it's not always, due to the many standards and differences between different Blu-Ray players. What works in one player may not work in another.

The club has a Philips BDP3200/79 Blu-Ray player to play videos at the club meetings.

Here are a two methods of producing a high definition video that we know work...

Just in case, it's a good idea to burn a standard definition DVD as well, as a backup!

The table below comes from the Philips website, and lists the supported video files for the BDP3200/79 player.


M2TS files will also play, but only if they're in a Blu-ray file structure as described above.